What is Pro Player Plan

Pro Player Plan is a bespoke Life & Critical Illness insurance service. Originally set up for Professional Footballers we now insure all income earners, whatever their job. We search the entire insurance market to find the best policy on the best terms for you. You won’t find us on comparison sites.

Despite what you may feel, you are not immortal. You are not immune to serious illness. If you suffer a critical illness or die, Pro Player will ensure you and your family are all taken care of.

Income can evaporate in a split second. Contracts of employment can only protect so much (or so little).

Pro Player Plan replaces your income, protects your lifestyle and preserves the assets which are vital to you.

What are The Benefits


Nike Loyalty Rewards

Insure like a pro and get kitted out like one too. Once your policy is set up We’ll reward you with £300 gift card to spend at Nike. Home of the most innovative football boots, best players and all-conquering teams. For more information, check out the T&Cs.



We work with only the strongest insurers. You wouldn’t put your savings into a bank with a weak credit rating just as you shouldn’t insure with a weak insurance company.



We review your cover to make sure it's keeping up with your work and lifestyle changes.



We explore the entire insurance market to recommend the best policy on the best terms.

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Comprehensive range of policies to best meet your objective, including: Term Life Cover, Whole of Life, Mortgage Protection, and Critical Illness.



Peace of mind knowing that we talk with you to explain why a particular policy is being advised at the outset and that we’re always on hand to speak with you at any time whilst you’re covered.

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Customer Stories

“I use Pro Player Plan. Protecting yourself makes sense. We all probably know of someone who has had to give up their job through illness or injury and lost their ability to earn.”

Adam Rooney

Professional Footballer, Salford City FC & Republic of Ireland

Learn More About us

We’re the first insurance service to reward passionate football players whatever level they play at.

We’re owned by a leading Investment Management boutique.

Pro Player Plan joined the UK market in 2015 insuring our Professional Footballer clients. In 2016, we began insuring all income earners, whatever their job.

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  • Where can I buy Pro Player Plan?

    Pro Player Plan is exclusive to us and we build each one bespoke to your requirements. It can’t be bought anywhere else. Accept no imitations.

  • What type of Critical Illnesses are covered?

    The broadest range of illnesses, ranging from Heart Attacks, Cancers, Stroke and MS and too many others to list here. We have an in house nurse to answer any questions on specific illnesses covered and of course you are provided with a full list of what type of things you’re covered for well in advance.

  • Am I eligible for cover?

    Most likely you are. We take into account lots of factors such as you being a resident in the UK. The most important factor is ensuring you qualify for cover and arriving at the correct cover amount and ensure the figure is personal and relevant to you.

  • Will Pro Player Plan keep up with the changes in my life?

    Yes, we will review your cover to ensure that any changes to your lifestyle or earnings are always taken into consideration and make recommendations if changes are required.

  • How much will it cost?

    It varies depending on things such as your your age, the type of cover and the length of time you require cover for. We provide a fully personalised quotation to ensure you have the right amount of cover at an affordable price. Each Pro Player Plan we recommend is specific to your requirements.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Hopefully you don’t ever have to but if you did then you simply call your dedicated Pro Player Plan Relationship Manager. Pro Player Plan pays tax free money but a whole lot more such as therapies, advice and provides practical and ongoing support in the event of a claim.

How do I Get the plan

You’re busy, so we’ve made this straight forward. We’ll chat to you about your job, your health and any existing cover and talk you through which plan we think is the best for you. We’ll also aim to give you free cover until we set it up.

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