Illness & injury are the kryptonite of all income earners

"Pro Player Plan is a bespoke insurance service. It pays tax free money and is available to all income earners. Insurance isn't sexy or exciting but it's first on the list when we build financial plans for our clients."

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What is Pro Player Plan?

Despite what you may feel, you are not immortal. You are not immune to serious illness. If you suffer a critical illness or die, Pro Player Plan will ensure you and your family are all taken care of.

How to get the plan
''I use Pro Player Plan. Protecting yourself makes sense. We all probably know of someone who has been forced out the game or had to give up their job through illness or injury and lost their ability to earn"
Adam Rooney – Aberdeen FC

Why do I need Pro Player Plan?

Income can evaporate in a split second. Contracts of employment can only protect so much (or so little). Pro Player Plan replaces your income, protects your lifestyle and preserves the assets which are vital to you.

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"The insurance I have through Pro Player Plan gives me the peace of mind to focus on my job"
Burton O'Brien – ex Blackburn Rovers & Sheffield Wednesday
"We don’t have utility players here. Each has their own specific role to play. SMCG Wealth acts in your best interest to get the most appropriate cover." Together we take care of you.

The What ifs...

Assume that contracts of employment or the state will not adequately meet your financial requirements. That's why you need Pro Player Plan.

Consider for a moment the impact of a career ending illness. The loss of immediate earnings, future earnings, overtime and bonus, the loss of ability to meet your mortgage and lifestlye expenditure are obvious too but what about life for your family after your death or serious illness? Pro Player Plan provides. Period.

Pro Player Plan pays out a tax free lump sum or monthly amount if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Should the worse happen and you die, it pays to your family so that they are taken care of even when you are gone. It can do way more but fundamentally it can provide tax free money if you are seriously ill or die.

Importantly too is that if you recover from the illness then the money is still paid and you don't have to pay it back. It's yours to keep and spend.

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How do I get the Pro Player Plan?

Most people think of simply putting a number on an amount of cover they should be insured for. Most people also get that number wrong. You’re busy so we’ve made this straight forward. One telephone conversation or meeting and you’re covered.

  • Give us a call on 01392 455 582* or enquire online.

  • We focus on you, your job, your health, any existing cover.

  • We'll talk through which plan is best.

  • We'll aim to give you free cover until we set up.

  • We build your Pro Player Plan.

  • We send it to you!

*01 numbers are free from most landlines & mobiles

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About us

We're not on comparison sites. Pro Player Plan is brought to you by SMCG Wealth working in partnership with the UK’s leading insurance providers. We have a broad experience of representing and insuring clients.

We became frustrated with the lack of service on protection solutions available for professional athletes and set up Pro Player Plan. We soon created a version for all income earners and can now recommend a solution which best meets the demands of the modern day income earner whatever their job is. We gathered opinion from people in a range of jobs and professions. People like you. Pro Player Plan is a professional insurance plan for all income earners.

First we signed an online bidding system which brings together the biggest and best insurance providers in the UK who compete for your business. We represent your cover requirements and ensure each Pro Player Plan is unique to you. We make sure your cover is based on your occupation, your health and your leisure activity. We then determine the most appropriate quote by price, range of illness covered, financial fitness of provider and claims payout history. Most insurance solutions for income earners are products. Pro Player Plan is more, it’s a service that is backed up and reviewed to ensure it meets all your requirements. Insurance, like the MOT of your car is out of date almost from when its arranged but with our free annual check-up your cover requirements won’t drift.

Who are we?

We are trusted advisers, specialist independent financial planners, and investment managers. SMCG Wealth were established to meet the precise needs of those seeking intelligent and impartial financial advice.

We recognise both the challenges and opportunities facing income earners like you. We have offices in Glasgow and Aberdeen and provide advice to clients across the UK.

We can build a Pro Player Plan for you and take a back seat or we can provide advice on the broadest range of wealth management and factor in pensions, investments and mortgages. We're happy to work alongside your existing advisers, accountant or lawyer.

Developing professional, personal relationships between our clients and advisers our clients are the focal point for all our products and services and we deliver personal, tailored recommendations in each instance in your best interests.

We believe that clients of SMCG Wealth should always experience the tangible benefits of collaborating with us; service, value, tax efficiency and performance.


Everyone likes an upgrade and we take insuring your health and wealth seriously so let us arrange your Pro Player Plan and we’ll give you a choice of reward.



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